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Reflexology and Holistic Therapies in Shepherds Bush, West London


Feeling relaxed is the first step in helping your body increase your well-being.

Just one reflexology treatment can achieve that, whilst a series of treatments can go much further and support your body to rebalance, deal with the signs and symptoms of stress and achieve homeostasis.

Mobile services are available by appointment.

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Full reflexology treatment

Bespoke treatment using gentle pressure to help release blockages and congestion along the energy pathways. Stimulates the flow of energy to help the body heal and restore balance.

1 hour reflexology treatment - £75.

Ear Seeding & Auricular Reflexology

Ear Seeding & Auricular Reflexology

Auricular reflexology is a soothing yet powerful tool for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The ear has specific points which can be targeted for sleep, stress and pain. It combines wonderfully with foot reflexology to give rapid results.

30 minutes £40 - 1 hour £75.

Reflexology with Hand Reflexology

Reflexology with Hand Reflexology

Hands communicate the full range of emotions so hand reflexology has a positive effect on releasing tension here. Some reflexes have greater access on the hand and therefore enhances the treatment.

1 hour 20 minutes reflexology with hand reflexology - £90.

Reflexology for Children

Reflexology for Children

A soothing touch for children and teenagers under 16 years old, which enables stress release, reduces anxiety and improves mood. A parent or legal guardian will be required to sign a consent form and be present for the consultation and treatments.

30 minute reflexology treatment for a child - £40.

Reflexology with Facial Therapy

Reflexology with Facial Therapy

Increases the healing response by boosting neuro-pathways as the face is so close to the brain. Boosting circulation can also naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production creating tighter, plumper skin.

1 hour 15 minutes reflexology with facial treatment - £85.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

My sustainably packaged, beautifully designed vouchers are available for a treatment or series of treatments, complete with self-care tips. A very special gift for friends and family needing a session of relaxation or regular restorative reflexology. Available to purchase at my Treatment Room or can be sent by Special Delivery (delivery cost will be added).

Beautifully designed, sustainably packaged

Gift Vouchers

My sustainably packaged, beautifully designed vouchers are available for a treatment or series of treatments, complete with self-care tips. A very special gift for friends and family needing a session of relaxation or regular restorative reflexology. Available to purchase at my Treatment Room or can be sent by Special Delivery (delivery cost will be added).

What can Reflexology do?

Boost circulation — Improve mood — Release tension — Improve sleep — Increase well-being

Reflexology is so effective because it is holistic, relaxing and the body's organs and systems are encouraged to harmonise it to your individual needs. It counters the effects of the symptoms you are experiencing whilst you relax and unwind. This is the rebalancing I want to help you achieve so you feel strong, resilient and energised… put simply, more ‘well’!

Our lives are challenged by life’s demands: tight time scales, fewer resources, more to do at work and at home, and life changes such a having baby, exam nerves, a new job or bereavement. It affects us all differently but it can lead to stress, which reveals itself in all kinds of ways but most of us would relate to feeling a decrease in well-being: tension, overwhelm, anxiety, indecisiveness, high blood pressure, back pain, headaches and migraines, poor circulation, itchy skin, hair loss, poor digestion, nausea, low mood, lack of confidence, broken sleep.

Longer term, the effects of those stress symptoms on our body can put our organs and systems out of balance, manifesting as pain, poor digestion, a sluggish immune system, inflammation, poor circulation, IBS, hormone imbalances, disrupted or painful periods, infertility, menopausal issues, poor posture, musculo-skeletal issues, congestion, mental and physical fatigue.

The good news is that signs of imbalance can be flipped, and the complete relaxation of my therapeutic approach is a vital element in allowing your body to counter signs of stress, feel more in control, have reduced pain, a calmer digestion, brighter mood, improved confidence, good quality sleep. Furthermore the AoR says “health professionals now recognise that physical, emotional and mental health are linked, and that by treating a patient as a whole person Reflexology can support individuals with multiple conditions”.

What does Reflexology feel like?

Clients have described their treatments as ‘relaxed energy’, ‘my energy flowing in the right direction’ and ‘like a full massage but I only had to take my socks off!’.

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment on the feet, so you will only need to remove shoes and socks but sometimes I’ll work on the lower leg up to knee so feel free to wear loose trousers. I use hand, thumb and finger pressure techniques on different areas of the foot. These areas correspond to specific parts of the body (the reflexes) and its energy systems.

It is a holistic therapy, which means that the benefits of reflexology can be felt in body, mind and soul. These benefits begin to affect the body’s healing immediately - even during the very first treatment - because the treatment encourages the release of serotonin for that feel-good relaxation, which is essential to lowering stress and increasing resilience.

However, what is even more exciting is that the wonderful results of reflexology are cumulative… regular reflexology increases the therapeutic and rebalancing benefits.

About Me

Reflexology was first offered to me by my amazing Homeopath. It had a profound impact on my well-being over a long period of family illness and bereavement, and I was able to shift the physical impacts of loss and grief and process the emotional.

I wanted to do the same for others, so I decided to train and I now hold the nationally recognised and AoR endorsed SEG Award Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology for Wellbeing.

I support clients with a range of conditions: Musculo-skeletal pain, Arthritis, Long COVID, Skin, Hair and Nail issues such as Psoriasis and Eczema, Stress and Anxiety, Allergies, Hormone Imbalance (in both teenagers and older clients), such as Endometriosis and PCOS and Menopausal symptoms. I also support my clients who are pregnant through their full pregnancy journey from conception through all three trimesters and labour, and the fourth trimester postpartum period, where carefully tailored treatments encourage emotional and physical well-being for mother and baby. I have undertaken deeper training in IBS, Sciatica and Plantar Fasciitis, and my CPD is gained only via AoR approved courses.

Alongside my practices at Kite Studios in Shepherds Bush and Brighton, I work with clients at University College London Hospital (UCLH) in Central London.

I am a full member of the AoR and I abide by their Code of Practice and Ethics. Part of that is a commitment to Continuing Professional Development – your assurance that I am committed to increasing my knowledge and skills to support you and your body to re-balance and thrive.

“Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend.” — Lao-Tzu

General information
Who can have reflexology?

Reflexology is suitable for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly. It is a complementary therapy which means it works well alongside Western medicine. Before your first treatment please let me know if you are less than fourteen weeks pregnant, if you are due any imminent medical tests or procedures, if you have thrombosis, DVT or if you are undergoing treatment for cancer so that I can give you the best possible treatment and advice.

Where are treatments held?

The Clinic Room is in the beautiful Kite Studios, 2B Bassein Park Rd, a tranquil, leafy space off Askew Road, Shepherds Bush W12 where there are other therapeutic clinics and lovely art rooms. It is a comfortable, safe and secure space with its own bathroom for you to use. Please be aware that I am upstairs on the first floor. It is a 10 minute walk from Shepherds Bush Market tube on the Hammersmith and city line, Shepherds Bush on the Central line and Ravenscourt Park tube on the District Line. Metered parking is available on the roads surrounding Kite Studios.

My Brighton treatment space is in the easily accessible Seven Dials, Brighton. It is a peaceful, comfortable, safe and secure space that also has its own bathroom next to the treatment room. On the ground floor are the therapy rooms, and you can find my room upstairs on the second floor. Metered parking is available, but it is very easy to reach via the 7 and 18 buses. If walking, it is 10 minute walk from Brighton Station and an 8 minute walk from the City Centre.

Kite Studios Sign
Garden at Kite Studios
Your first treatment

If this is your first treatment please allow 1.5 hours. A consultation covering lifestyle, symptoms you are experiencing and past and present medical health will be taken, and this forms the basis of a unique treatment plan including nutrition and exercise advice to support you.

Clients under 16

Clients under the age of 16 will need a parent or legal guardian to sign a consent form and be present for the consultation and treatments.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. Loose trousers will allow me to work on your lower leg if necessary.

Arriving for your treatment

Please arrive on time for your treatment, but if you are a little early there are seats in the courtyard, and in the reception area. If you are running late please let me know – I will do my best to accommodate so that you receive a full treatment, but if this is not possible the full rate will be due.


Payment is by a valid major credit card at the time of booking the treatment on-line, or by credit card or cash at the time of treatment.

Reflexology is now covered by some private healthcare policies and as I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists clients may be able to claim for their treatments; please contact your provider directly for full details.

Cancellations or rescheduling require 24 hours notice and will be invoiced in full if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Privacy policy

GDPR brought in new legal protection for personal information from May 2018. This tells you what personal information I gather, and why, and what your rights are. You can view my Privacy Policy here.

Any questions?

Please complete your details below if you have any questions. If you would like to have a chat about any of the treatments I offer, or any symptoms you may be experiencing, please call me on 07974 196354.

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